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Audit of Services

“It is too hot!” “It is too cold!” “It smells!” “I cannot make the work!” “We require in bol’shem quantity of a place!”… The list goes forward and forward…, and your net profit of the company suffers, because a place where you work, does not support the purpose of your business.
Let’s begin with an example. You plan a trip on a cross-country terrain from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego. A unique problem, you do not know, where you, thus you cannot plan how to reach there. Fuel expenses and another – expenses are too high only to begin on a road trip. Oh.
The same problem exists for your business. You want, that it grew, and become more favourable, and reduction working costs where it makes sense. But to make it, you should know that you have which works that you have, which does not act to project the specification and where has the majority of sense to make changes. Probably you wish to add new industrial lines, the equipment, or the personnel. Where you are going to place them? They require what kinds of support? Probably you not even are assured, if your buildings support a main objective of your business. How you can learn? You can establish a problem for reasonable cost and in a way which improves your practical result? Other use for your building? On what you look? What questions which you should set? Whom do you ask? How you begin?
Audit of services – the planned method of gathering of the exact information on current functional working conditions and service of your buildings, and granting of this information in a format which helps you to make these important decisions to develop the budget, and to plan an effective course of action.
Well developed audit will be:
— Provide detailed survey of services and identify deficiencies.
— Develop and improve requirements on service.
— Define, whether the equipment to the developed parametres works.
— Identify safety, safety, and problems of access of invalids.
— Define, and whether means is functional and is serviceable with a view of the company.
— Use life cycle and other means financial tools of the analysis to define the best course of action, to correct deficiencies.
— Identify and estimate alternatives.
— Develop recommendations for correcting action.
— Develop budget recommendations.
— Plan the program of correcting action which minimises negative influence on business operations. (For the information on planning of actions of service, please see that my White Book “Plans Service 101 accessible through my website in
If you agree that you require this information, you should make audit. How you begin?
Here the offered course of action:
1. Define area and will get support from the top management.
2. Develop co-ordinated the general terminology: Capital additions and improvements (change & reconstruction and new construction); the delayed service, audit of services, components of services, renewal of services and the replacement program, etc.
3. Establish the budget, deadlines, inspect marks, develop a chain of instances and the message about metodologiyakh, and guarantee access everywhere on means.
4. Give publicity! Use public relation for a show-window positive influence which will be provided with audit. Excite employees about a portion!
5. Choose a control command.
6. Plan and plan surveys.
7. Establish process for extreme correcting actions.
8. Collect and estimate the data.
9. Existing control results.
10. Use the data to develop and meet with budget approval.
11. Problem service works orders within your area of the power.
12. Develop the capital program of acquisition and renewal.
13. Spend the final design review and the resume.
As you can see, doing audit of services can take a lot of time. Being unable make audit many money can cost to you – and more time – doing the bad, not informed elections. Experts of Management of Services, or internal or through zakontraktovannye sources, have specialised skills and knowledge to conduct you through this program, and can guarantee that you is better use the company personnel.

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